• Using All About Spelling in Ireland
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    Using All About Spelling in Ireland

    Spelling is very straightforward in our home. I have used All About Spelling (AAS) from level 1 to 5 with my daughter and I am using it again with my son. We will continue to the final level, level 7. Although it is an American curriculum it has worked very well for us in learning UK English spelling. The books are so well laid out, working in a clear progression to ensure clear understanding. The books are open and go, and like All About Reading and RightStart Maths, the teacher guide is designed for a home educating parent working with one child. You are not trying to rethink activities designed…

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    Learning French

    I was planning our French studies for the coming year, so while the decisions are fresh in my mind I decided to create a post to share what my family has done. I trust it will be helpful. Aim ~ Early Years ~ Older children / Teens ~ Stories to listen to ~ Stories to read ~ Songs in French ~ Phonics app ~ What didn’t work for us ~ Charlotte Mason in French/France Aim I wanted my children to start a foreign language early so they could pick up the pronunciation. My hope for the future is they will be able to communicate in France and be able to…