• Raising Butterflies
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    Raising Butterflies

    Growing caterpillars is a common suggestion in home education curricula. I wanted to share information for beginners like me, who would enjoy giving their children (and themselves) this enjoyable learning experience: watching the miracle of metamorphosis up close as you see the caterpillars grow, change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful butterflies! Caterpillars can be purchased from Insect Lore in the UK. I recommend ordering directly from Insect Lore, where your package can include LIVE caterpillars, rather than from another company, such as Amazon. With other companies, you will receive a voucher in the box for the caterpillars and may need to pay extra postage. The first time you…

  • Learning Weeks
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    Learning Weeks

    Throughout the year there are various science type weeks that are wonderful for hands-on learning and inspiring us all. Usually, I will pick just one thing to go to from a learning week. For Heritage week, I will usually pick a few things as it includes such diversity, is in the school holidays, and runs over two weekends plus the week in between. Here is a list I put together of the learning weeks/events I know of. I also included the month in which it occurs. Sometimes I will include a reminder in my calendar the month before to check out their website. BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition –…