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    Learning Weeks

    Throughout the year there are various science type weeks that are wonderful for hands-on learning and inspiring us all. Usually, I will pick just one thing to go to from a learning week. For Heritage week, I will usually pick a few things as it includes such diversity, is in the school holidays, and runs over two weekends plus the week in between. Here is a list I put together of the learning weeks/events I know of. I also included the month in which it occurs. Sometimes I will include a reminder in my calendar the month before to check out their website. BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition –…

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    Visiting Newgrange

    We are visiting Newgrange and I wanted to share two quality resources if you are also planning a visit. Newgrange has created some excellent pdf education packs in black and white for printing, which include detailed information as well as worksheet activities, for Primary School History, Junior Certificate History and Leaving Certificate Art History which can be downloaded from their website, in English and Irish. I particularly like the way this image of theirs shows how the roof box allows the mid-winter rising sun to penetrate the central burial chamber and illuminate it. In addition, I wanted to mention a beautifully illustrated children’s book Newgrange and Brú na Bóinne by…

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    Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin

    I think the Hugh Lane Gallery is a great gallery to take children to in Dublin. I think it is especially good for your first visit to a gallery with children. It is much smaller than the National Gallery of Ireland, which makes it easier and less overwhelming. There are artworks by many famous international artists, ones that you will come across is you are using the Ambleside Online Art Schedule for example Gustave Courbet, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir. There are also lots of interesting sculptures. There are paintings by well known Irish artists such as Harry Clarke, Paul Henry, Grace Henry, John Lavery, William…