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    Valentine’s Day! ♥

    Usually, the focus of my posts is on Ireland. However, my children and I really enjoyed this ♥ Valentine’s Day ♥ mini study from Brighter Day Press, we were able to get many of the listed enrichment books in our local library, which is unusual, and the snacks were all delicious, enjoyed by all and easily dairy- and gluten-free! Plus it’s a pdf so easily accessible in Ireland. I wanted to share the fun with you… You could make it more Irish by heading off to the Shrine of St. Valentine in the heart of Dublin city, at Whitefriar Street Church! ☘ This is a week long study of the…

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    Starting Calligraphy

    Previous posts: Handwriting without tears, Cursive (coming soon) My daughter wanted to try calligraphy. This has been lovely for us to do together and so I thought I would share what we used. I remember wanting to learn copperplate as a teenager. I bought wide, chisel-shaped nibs because that was all that had been in my local stationery shop. It was only last year that I realised my lack of success was having the wrong nibs. To create the fine lines and twirls, you need a pointed dip nib. And actually, they only cost a few euros. Sometime back, I was lucky to have been invited to a magical time…